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Learn about the dynamics of your name!

  • 30 min
  • 100 US dollars
  • All Services are completed remotely.

Service Description

There is undeniable power and many hidden phrases contained within all words and all names. Within these words, there are messages that indicate the truth of who we are and what is destined to be. Lexigrams are a never-ending story, an enlightened divination tool that assists in teaching us how we can spell out the Truth within a person, place or thing. It is the intuitive phrasing of anagrams, which are words formed by rearranging the letters of a different word. When taking the anagrams and adjusting their placement, you may create phrases or sentences that tell a poignant truth about the individual subject you are assessing. It can be determined through Lexigrams, that any life story is able to be foretold from one’s birth name. If the name is changed, whether it be by choice or by marriage, the story of that life is then also changed, potentially shifting trajectories and experiences for that individual. It is with this understanding, that we see the Truth of our ability to be the author of our own lives, that on some level, we are creating a portion of our reality through the process of naming. Lexigramming is a modality that allows us to go deeper into Truth and identify what has always been right in front of us. It is one of the simplest, yet most amazing tools that we can utilize to discover, or uncover, the inherent truth of one’s story. When we allow this awareness into our experience, we open the door to many opportunities to access truth. This knowledge allows us to see, with clarity, the potentialities written within our destiny. As the Ancestors have shared with us, “Knowledge is Power,” we can effectively move into the power of decision when we step into the awareness of self through Lexigrams. Examples of when Lexigrams may be useful: Naming a Child Naming a Business Seeking Truth About the Future Gaining Information Discovering Opportunities NOTE: Full name, including first, middle and last names are required for this modality. You will receive a full report inclusive of the following: History and Understanding of Lexigrams Communication from the Consciousness of Lexigrams Identified Anagrams from the Name Lexigrams brought forward through Soul Translation Technology Divination Card Pull – Call For The Truth

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Georgia, USA

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