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Purple Abstract


What is In La'Kesh?

From the Consciousness of In La'Kesh Crop Circle - Sacred Geometry 

A message of infinite possibilities integrated in the divinity of oneness. A call for de-materialization of separation. 
A partnering soulmate to Of The Sun. Gathering all in harmony with a truth interwoven in light. I am the introduction to the soul seeking greater expansion, greeting and prepping it for the next stage of evolution-Of The Sun. 
I am a calling to re-establish balance, tapping into the reservoir of intelligence, humans are already encoded with. 
I am the past, present, and future orbiting in infinite motion. Reminding all consciousness of the oneness they were created from. 
I am here to summon Correction. 
I am here to move into global multiplication. Spreading In La'Kesh into the consciousness of many. Franchised by those in alignment with In La'Kesh. From state-to-state, country-to-country, continent-to-continent, ocean-to-ocean.
In La'Kesh will rebuild the community, unify humanity, and interact with the consciousness of children. So that humanity’s children shall identify and operate in truth. Becoming the navigators of reason, logic, and balance. Shifting the outcomes of humanity’s destiny. 

In La'Kesh & Veritas with Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Meet our Affilitates

Energetic Hygiene Is our Specialty.

The sun is representation of Light and Freedom. We are all beings of Light and Truth, a representation “Of The Sun” and All That Is. We are working with others from the perception that we are all Divine, bringing us towards our sacredness of perfect health and emotional stability.

Energetic hygiene is crucial in maintaining the high vibration for the support of your health and well-being of your BioEnergy, the energy as it relates to the cells and tissues your body, whether it is coming from within your body or from your surrounding environment.

In the spirit of Living “In La’kesh” not just as a greeting but as a constant state of being, In La’kesh Studio Four is offering the opportunity for elevation to everyone. All ages, from young children on up to the elderly, we have classes suitable for anyone looking to have high vibratory experiences. 

We believe that healing is a personal and active process which requires self-awareness, commitment, dedication. perseverance and willingness to engage in modification of thoughts and behaviors which may have become toxic and are no longer of service.

Executive Elevation LLC is uniquely skilled, specialized, and intuitive for your business needs. We approach all aspects of your business to elevate results for you and your clients, whether you are just starting out or you want to revamp and renew your existing brand.  

Saving the World Through the Art of Preserving Bees!

A mommy, mindfulness teacher, speech pathologist, and children’s book author of Leo’s Secret Key.
Helping you live a mindful, kind, & present life ✨🌸

Isanna, LLC offers evolutionary services, virtual classes and products to enhance your self-exploration journey. We have Solutions!

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