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Wealth Frequency Water

Veritas Frequency Water

Veritas (truth) is the polestar that lights the path for our individual spirits on their course toward operating in harmony with the universe. And only by learning to walk in the light of Veritas can we ever hope to abide in the enlightenment that will allow us to become one with the universe. Veritas reveals to us the formulas of creation. Veritas is foundational-universal. It is first truth. It is the prime element of which In La’Kesh arises. Veritas is an ever present statement about the way the world actually is. It is alive and it is conscious. It is an idea that supersedes the sum of its parts. Veritas is the witness bearer of the existence of the Universe. It is the measuring rod for determining I Am-ness. It is the accuracy in all things.

It has been tasked from the inception of creation with shining light on the beauty and majesty of the universe and acting as the beacon that unfailingly points the way to the path of elevation and oneness and illustrating in a myriad of ways how we can increase and express the magnitude and majesty of our being--when we allow it. Veritas is a prime frequency. Veritas “is.”

Lies and liars are antithetical to Veritas. They maintain their strangle hold through “divide and conquer.” When you divide, conquer is automatic. Division breeds confusion; confusion invites outside control.   We inhale lies daily along with the negative spiritual gravity of their mass and weight. Veritas Frequency Water is an aid for us when we find ourselves in need of a Veritas boost. Veritas Frequency Water is a scrubber; a lie-tadote (like an antidote); the medicine given to counteract the poison of mendacity.  It moves into the nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices where lies grow like cancer.

The following is a message from the consciousness of this Frequency Water "Veritas":

I am absolute truth. A healer willed to deconstruct lie and myth.

The Solution to a freedom coveted by illusion. Removing falsified layers of calcified perceptions opposing the true nature of being. Ultimately shirting you into alignment with soul’s purpose and destiny.

As I am An Initial energy that speaks to the consciousness of original thought. Veiled in origins of physical and non-physical manifestations, to assist self with seeing it’s true nature.


Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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