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Rose Water

Rose Water has been used for thousands of years by many cultures around the world, as a powerful ally and healing remedy. It has been known, and held in the highest respect, that there are multiple healing powers contained within roses.

Become elevated with the Of The Sun Highly Vibrational Rose Water. Use this water for an immediate sensory uplift in your physical and spiritual environments, an experience to invigorate the body, mind, and spirit!

Uses for Of The Sun Highly Vibrational Rose Water

  • After Bath Body Splash, activating the senses at the cellular level, to physically & energetically expand one, assisting you to achieve higher levels of awakened bliss.

  • Room & Closet Spray, operating with natural clearing properties, cleaning the space around you.

  • Promotes the Frequency of Love, within self and within your landscape, connecting to the Divine Feminine energy.

  • Awakens your Inner Vision and Awareness, allowing one to see truth with clarity.

  • Mood Enhancing, for an invigorating, uplifting experience, at any moment’s notice!

  • Pure-fume, wear or diffuse to stimulate the senses, gently reminding one to engage with All that serves you.

  • Skin Illuminating and Soothing, fights inflammation while promoting the restoration of balance within, reflecting out.

  • Pillow Spray, bringing forward the frequency of joy for sweet dreams.

  • Supports Healing, aiding in the removal of pain and toxic residue within the physical body and energetic field.

  • Perfect Travel Companion, for the enhancement of elevated experiences everywhere you go!

Bottle Size - 16oz

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