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Right Thinking Frequency Water

Right Thinking

Emits the frequency of Right decision making processes may be use in daily meditations

1 bottle per month for 4 months

Use 3 times a day

5 spray each time

Right is that which supports natural way of life for all beings

Ask each day for Right thinking

Willingness is key to success

The Following is a message from the consciousness of this Frequency Water "Right Thinking":

A universal waved pattern of energy, circulating through neural connections, brain waves, and circuits. Humming the essence of corrected forms of thought into an aligned and synchronized union with balance, enlightenment, cognizance, and logical reasoning. Molding thought into recalibration of a newly encoded intelligence. As to integrate new equations of algorithmic configurations for the purpose of processing an idea, understanding, event and circumstance in truth. Carrying thought into an action, to act, think, and see into what is right. What is substantial, accurate, balanced, and congruent in nature. What is within the natural laws of the universe. In identifying what is imbalanced and not in accordance with what is real and true. No matter how large or small the circumstance, idea, or event. Extracting it of its lesson and seeing with clarity the truth within it. For an outcome of greater expansion and ultimate self-mastery.

Utilize me to reconnect to the truth, see what is right, and restore balance and correction in using the mind with a higher dimensional intelligence to reason and consider.

After 3 bottles of Right Thinking Water register for right thinking service.

Formula for Success:

Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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