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Liver Cleanse & Repair Evolve Frequency Water

Liver Cleanse & Repair Evolve Water

Is a Therapeutic Water that Cleanses & Repairs the Liver of the Emotional, Mental and Physical Damage caused by the polluted environment & contaminated food we ingest daily. The Liver in most humans is overburdened by numerous contaminants.

Liver Cleanse and Repair aids in cleaning down to a cellular level.

The Following is a message from the consciousness of the Liver Cleanse & Repair:

The Liver is A Purifier of antidotal intelligence. With detoxifying and reconnecting properties. Embodied with regenerative energies and catalytic consciousness. Cleansing and Repairing the mental, emotional, and physical. Restoring balance into the physicality of earthly creations. And unifying all systemic and physiological functions of an organism into optimum province. Expediting healing through all connectivities of creation.


Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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