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Ho'oponopono Frequency Water

Karmic Cleansing requisite for expansion of awareness. Based on taking responsibility for our own experiences. Clear the past the present and the future of limitation. 

A Message From The Consciousness Of The Frequency Water Ho’Oponopono:

A guide to assist soul and all existing consciousness with accepting full responsibility of self imposed and influenced circumstance. Clearing the path for you to rectify and bring to its rightful place, energetic and physical acts initiated by intentional thoughts.

Rebirthing your evolutionary being to its purest form. Inserting the power back into your hands in taking ownership of the I and all that is outside of you.

As to allow transparency to uncover all hidden, and secretive truths cloaked behind your resistance to see self. In awakening the healer within you and to make right, what has been brought out of alignment with truth.


Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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