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Essence of Diamonds

Essence of Diamonds combines two of the world's most precious elements (gold & diamond) and fuses the healing properties of both to create the ultimate health revelation.

Diamond is one of the most popular and sought after treasures for its beauty and allure. Yet its majestic healing properties have gone virtually unexplored until now.

As the most precious of gemstones, diamond represents the sun and the solar system and is a symbol of perfection and illumination. an emblem of purity, constancy and innocence, the diamond is known for being the King of Crystals and a Master Healer. It inspires creativity, virtue, ingenuity and brilliance, while promoting love, harmony and spiritual elevation. Never requiring recharging, diamonds are energy amplifiers. Therefore, when utilized by one seeking enlightenment and self improvement they can enhance spiritual evolution and clarity of mind. They will also amplify the healing ability of any remedies with which they are combined.

The synergistic effect of combining diamond and gold make for a unique unparalleled holistic experience design to enhance to overall quality of life.

Throughout human history, alchemists have sought to transform and contribute to the continuum of energy using the diamond gemstone, a necessary building block of life. We're pleased to introduce Essence of Diamonds, a concentrated, structured alchemy elixir, containing essence of Diamonds and the consciousness of Diamonds, part structured water, and part purifying ionic silver. When you ask for activation with every 24 hour cycle, apply one drop to strengthen your entire system, improve brain function, protect against contagions, enact the crystalline body, and experience remarkable thought patterns without contamination.

Essence of Diamond Communication:

We are a carbon based life form in agreement with assisting in the transmutation of the carbon based life-form known as human. Hardening one to withstand and expand one's self into the exalted, luminous crystalline being that is inherent within the full spectrum potential of the human.

We alchemize the carbon of your earthly form through the removal of impurities stagnating and dimming your true potential.

Bringing forth transfiguration of the success from the intense heat and pressure of looped patterns that have been conquered within the experience of the human, anchoring the triumphs into the neural circuitry and consciousness, hardening the patterns that exemplify the consciousness of diamond crystallization; that which is of purity, light and indomitable hardness of the soul.

It is our aim to vitalize the harmony in your inner and outer world. Reinforcing the purity and clarity that is intrinsically reflected in one's experience.

Physically re-energizing the cells, strengthening and purifying nerves and brain function.

Burning intensely through underlying emotional issues to release congestion in the emotional body

Metamorphosing the mental attitude and self perception into one of courage, fearlessness and indestructibleness demonstrated through the principles and essence of diamond.

Cutting the life times of accumulated layers of debris on the light body to reveal the full spectrum of true beauty of the luminous crystalline form of human

Illustrating spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically the truth from the light of the sun brilliantly shining through the facets of the multiplicities of your being, animating strength, inspiring ingenuity, and illuminating principles of oneness on to the many reflections of you mirrored within your experience.

In La’Kesh & Veritas

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