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Divine Feminine Frequency Water

The Following is a message from the consciousness of the Divine Feminine Frequency:

The Universe is Feminine. She has birthed galaxies. She has birthed Solar Systems. She has birthed our Mother Earth - All life on Earth is birthed through Mother Earth. All humans are birthed through the Divine Feminine. This must be understood for evolution to take place. We must call back balance with the Divine Feminine, in unwavering honor and respect, for justice to reign. Where there is no balance, there can be no justice. Justice must be supported to achieve balance in our world. Shall we call for the power of the Divine Feminine to enter into our world for balance. Only

in Oneness will we see the divine creation principles within ourselves and call back our balance of the masculine and feminine divine from within. The feminine has been trivialized and despised, promoted as spiritually empty. Our “her”stories are minuscule and impoverished, deleted from the cultural lexicon, leaving us without evidence of choices to emulate, to appreciate, and to replicate. The ultimate truth is that the Divine Feminine nourishes the soul of humanity. Life, nature, the natural order are formulas. They are the possibilities, the equations that make life realizable, evolution obtainable. They operate beyond the realm of human apprehension and duplication. They are to be honored, respected, and valued more than any other thing. As the those who gestate life. Our planet, our land, our food have been devastated and now need humanity to assist with restoring the honor and respect that which has been interfered with, has been made inferior, has been aggressed and defiled. The way the earth is treated is the way the feminine has been treated. The Divine Feminine births consciousness, all consciousness, maintains, evolves life sustainably. All life comes from the Divine Feminine. Call for the Divine Feminine power to come forward in your



Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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