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At In La'Kesh Studio One, we are committed to bringing balance and joy to your life. We offer a broad range of classes for every level. It's time to invite more healing and calm to your daily routine.


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S. S.

Very responsive and highly professional. I received my products the same day I ordered them! The Whole'Sponsibility meditation is super powerful and transformational. 

Unknown, 28

Delighted consumer


My Mother and I decided to get a Quantum Light Property Clearing, while we were staying in our third rental, after being displaced by a hurricane for 13 months, and were preparing to move back into our house, pending the completion of our repairs.  There had been a lot of disruptive energy in our house, not only from the river of water that breached it during the disaster, but also from some corrupt contractors, whom we had needed to fire.  After our home repair resumed,, with new contractors, the work was taking longer than anticipated, and we were up against a rental lease deadline that seemed impossible to meet with our renovation schedule.  We had asked the rental Property Managers five times over five weeks,  if we could possibly have an extension on our lease, so we could finish our repairs, but they continued to ignore our requests.  Diane, who facilitated our Property Clearing, suggested we do two clearings, one on our house, and one on the rental, where a bunch of our things were stored.

That turned out to be a Great idea!  The day after our Property Clearing, the rental Property Manager called and granted us an extension on our lease!  This afforded us the possibility of completing all the renovations to our house before moving back home a few weeks later.  Both my Mother and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted!  My Mother, to this day, speaks of how life-changing the clearing was for her energetically.  Prior to the clearing, she found she frequently dwelled in negative thinking.  However, afterwards, she has been Much more likely to look at things in a positive light.  Even the yard at our house has benefitted from the clearing.  This year we have three times more blossoms than usual on our avocado tree!!  We are so Grateful to Diane for her professional expertise, as well as for the care, and  kindness she showed us in our Property Clearing, and we would highly recommend her services!

Unknown, 41

Delighted consumer

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