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Will Power Frequency Water

The following is a message from the consciousness of this Frequency Water "Will Power"

Fueled by the power of tetrahedron

Pushing forth divine thought from the primordial consciousness that has willed into existence all things in being. Tapping into this divine aspect of self that has been lost to the darkness pulling one into submission through lower frequencies that has been established in falsehood.

The fuel that has birth the stars, the galaxies, and the human lies within me and are available to you.

Use me to assert and direct your vital energy into what you seek to make manifest.

Use me to assist with moving you into and sustaining higher states of elevation for longer durations.

Use me to confront and overcome the darkness inside and outside of you.

Use me to move into self actualization and truth of your divinity.


Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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