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Understanding Frequency Water

Understanding Frequency Water

Understanding is the gateway to “becoming.” When you understand, you are aware of and are able to discern, in the most intimate way, the truth that surrounds you. And intimacy with truth, through understanding, is the level at which you and the truth become one.

It is understanding that allows you to recognize the incongruencies produced by negative thought-forms and it is understanding that gives you the power and the fortitude to dispatch them to the place where their energy can be transmuted to love and light.

Understanding is the plateau-the high ground- from which you grasp the rare and wonderful realization of your nature as one born of higher frequencies. Understanding is the reward for seeking knowledge and then applying it. It is only when you reach the level of understanding that you know without doubt that you were born to assimilate the higher, finer frequencies—born to be free.

There are many who say that “understanding is the last thing to come,” however, the wise don’t sit and wait for it to come. They seize the opportunity available through Of The Sun to use to positive advantage the “spiritual jumpstart” that is provided by the frequency water known as “Understanding.” This unique frequency water is calibrated to set your spiritual compass in the direction of elevation and energize you to squeeze truly valuable from every experience to the point where you become your own filter for right thought--a wounded healer.

Use Understanding Frequency Water for one month. And be sure to mark that spot on the door of your spiritual gateway because you are going to be surprised at how much you’ve grown.

The Following is a message from the consciousness of this Frequency Water Understanding:

Reason of truth. Integrated with an acceptance of what is, in its totality of significance.

Standing forthright in an awareness of all materialized circumstance.

Assimilating comprehension of lessons to be gained. From experiences of past, present, and future.

Extracting the experience and circumstance of its layered physicality. To move all into an equation of symbiotic relationship. As to understand is to know thyself’s permanence in all algorithmic equations of realities manifested by you.


Spray 3 times a day or more

5 sprays each time

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